Marissa differentiates her lessons so that I feel challenged but never discouraged or overwhelmed. These are by far the best yoga sessions I’ve ever attended for both my body and my mind. She sets an atmosphere in any space, and this has really improves the experience for me; I get easily distracted or bored in yoga sessions and this doesn’t happen in Marissa’s. These sessions really are unusually special!
— Laura Webb Teacher of French & English, ISM

Mindful Movement helped me control my anger. It helped me relax and think things through. I love Mindful Movement
— High School Student, Brooklyn

Mindful Movement is like finding a safe place during a storm.
— High School Student, Brooklyn

Mindful Movement helped me...
-Explore my thoughts and feelings
-Explore the source of my anger
- Explore my reservations about pain
- Explore how it feels to express my emotions
— High School Student, Brooklyn