Amani Light is a Non-Profit Organization focused on providing wellness tools to youth in Tanzania and the United States. We partner with organizations who serve youth in Tanzania to offer healing tools of yoga, mindfulness, nutritional guidance, and health services. We also provide wellness and cultural immersion retreats for underrepresented youth in the United States to travel to Tanzania for immersive travel and healing retreats. We will host our first group of students from Northside Charter High School this summer (July 2019). Contact us to see how you can help support these students on their life-changing journey!


Our Story begins on a dusty street in the sleepy town of Moshi, Tanzania. I had just set out on a year long travel and spiritual adventure, and William was cleaning his shoes and chatting with his friend, the shoe cleaner… the rest was up to destiny when I walked by, just taking in the town and William jogged up after me. We struck up a lively conversation and spent the rest of the day walking, talking, and visiting markets. I was drawn to his good nature, his friendliness, and his laugh. And William saw a down to earth companion in me.

why are we amani light?

As we settled in Brooklyn, we also decided to start a family. I became pregnant with Amani in May 2011. We were thrilled (and a bit scared) to become parents. My students at Northisde Charter High School were the most excited, and we had many asides (during math class) about how this child would grow up; obviously very smart because his/her mom was a math teacher. When I was almost 8 months pregnant, I just simply stopped feeling so one day. I realized I hadn’t felt the baby kicking in a while, and while praying that nothing was wrong, headed to the hospital to check. It’s when all my worst fears came true, well, I actually never even had this fear, I just assumed everything would be fine until it wasn’t. I never considered that our baby might not actually arrive on this Earth. Amani was stillborn on January 8, 2012 surrounded by family and two grieving parents. His presence with us will never be forgotten and we hope to carry on his namesake in our organization that seeks to spread love and the hope of healing with others.

Each day we honor him and his memory lives on in our living children. The teachings of yoga and mindfulness, a kick-ass support group, the support of my students at NCHS, my family and friends, helped me and William heal in a way I never thought possible. We give back because of Amani and the light he helped us to see.

Join us for your next travel adventure, spiritual and wellness journey, or service project!