authentic meals

Mama Shida will take you on a tour of the senses at Mbuyuni market where you will purchase your ingredients for the meal. You will then walk with her down past town to her small, friendly village, Njoro, where you will weave your way through laundry hanging on lines, chicken picking through scraps, and mamas making local brew or harvesting tobacco, and arrive at her home. Get ready to use your body strength to stir Ugali, sort rice, and peel hard skinned bananas, as you learn how to make traditional foods. When all of the food has been cooked using both traditional fire and the kerosene stove, you will sit together and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Fresh & Organic

It’s impossible for it to be any other way here! All food is local, fresh, and organic. In fact it has probably been harvested (or killed) in the past day or two.

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It was a great experience! The host felt like a long lost friend and we were catching up. She was refreshing to say the least. Honestly I loved everything. I loved the fact that the host house is near the city center. I also loved that she allowed me to help in the kitchen. I got to learn a few things I did not know. What is great about this host is that her house is truly welcoming and I got to interact with her family. Her grandmother was great when it came to talking about the traditions and nothing beats good company and great food! Hands down the best meat stew I have ever had.
— Traveling Spoon Ambassador